WtryskowniaBasing on our eighteen-year-old experience we specialise in production of production tools:
injection moulds for artificial materials with cold and hot channels, blow moulds, instruments for metal processing:
punching dies, press-forming dies, machine parts and industrial automatics.
Starting with moulded piece design (visualisation) and prototype realisation (3D print), through injection mould design, CAM programming,
making injection mould for experimental injection and to start mass production

We provide services in a range of:


  • Tools and instrumentation planning
  • Injection moulds according to own and confided documentation 
  • Blow moulds
  • Press moulds and foundry moulds
  • Ductile metal processing tools: punching dies, press-forming dies.
  • Technological instruments and special instruments


  • Moulded pieces designs - artificial materials ware
  • Prototype realisation
  • Injection mould design
  • CNC milling
  • Precise lathework
  • Die-sink electrical discharging with numerical control
  • Precise cutting out on wire-cutting machine
  • Surface polishing 

Machinery park 

  • CNC Milling Machines: BridgePort VMC with tools and object probes RENISHAW and HEIDENHAIN (Pictures forwarded before - Milling Machine BP1 and Milling Machine BP2)
  • CNC Lathes: OKUMA LB
  • Die-sink Electrical Discharge Machines: MACHO, _Agie_ Charmilles (Pictures forwarded before - EDMAGIE, EDMMACHO)
  • Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machines: AGIE and BAOMA (Pictures forwarded before - CuttingMachineWDM1, CuttingMachineWDM2, CuttingMachineWDM3)
  • Erosive Drills (Pictures forwarded before - PuncturingMachineEDM) 
  • Surface polishers (Pictures forwarded before - Polisher)
  • Measurement Site Micron 


Injection Moulding Plant

WtryskowniaWe offer artificial materials injection on modern injection moulding machines. The injection moulding plant is equipped with modern, numerical controlled injection moulding machines, with strenght of closing up from 400 to 1600 kN and injection grammage between 130 and 380 g.

Toolroom and Injection moulding plant offer complex service production of details with artificial materials using injection method. We realise projects from conception phase through designing, doing tools - injection forms, carrying attempts out, to mass ware production - artificial materials details.